Fulton County Urban Revitalization

MHR International continues to play a vital role in the $90 Million Fulton County Urban Redevelopment Capital Improvement Program. The Capital Improvement Program involves the repair, renovation, and redevelopment of designated facilities owned by Fulton County. MHR International provides personnel resources to the Project Management Team with a focus on the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Improvements in the Fulton County Government Center and Justice Center. Projects involved in these improvements include:

– Refurbishment of Chillers and Air Handling units in the Justice Center Tower.
– Replacement of Domestic Water Piping in the Government Center.
– Replacement of Air Handling Units throughout the Government Center and the Justice Center Complex.
– Replacement of Cooling towers for the Government Center.
– Installation of new DX Units and Exhaust Fans.
– Cleaning and encapsulation of duct work and Air Handling Units in the Justice Center.
– Integration of controls throughout the Justice Center Complex and the Government Center.